The Irish Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Irish Hall of Fame, an event and a venue which reflects an accomplished past. Our purpose is to establish an appropriate awards ceremony and a permanent venue which recognizes those who’s effort and enterprise is worthy of such a record and legacy. It’s the ultimate Irish honor of distinction.

Our foundation is a way of giving back, extending a hand and creating something special for Ireland.

About The Irish Hall of Fame

The Irish Hall of Fame is founded to chronicle the achievements of Irish people who have done exceptional things. We honor them for their vision, courage, ingenuity and service. Their stories are the stories of Ireland, of challenge and failure, of determination and dedication.

Thus, at our annual awards ceremony we invite a whole class of individuals, groups and organizations into The Irish Hall of Fame. Our outlook is to create a museum to showcase the talents and triumphs of so many outstanding Irish people.


At present there is no permanent structure that bestows such a lasting legacy.

To fulfill this need, we present and preserve the legacy of thousands of Irish citizens and our Diaspora.

It is a lasting legacy of our past and our present, and those who make it possible.


Family afar…

Today, ancestry and family history is at the heartbeat of everything.

Tracing the family tree and finding lost relatives is an important issue and source of tourism.

Our focus is to make The Irish Hall of Fame a strategic resource, an asset for the family of Ireland around the world.


Historically, Ireland as a very small country has a significant influence. The list of our famous Irish ancestry is a testament to this. We have so much to celebrate!

Regardless of the flight of Irish people as economic migrants, our enormous contribution is universally acknowledged. Hence, it is incumbent upon us to recognize those whose enterprise has enriched our heritage. Moreover it is an opportunity to engage and enhance our status in the world of tomorrow.


As we have an open forum, candidates can be nominated by anybody for inclusion on the list provided to our advisory board.

However, it is essential they must have a clear record of accomplishment in an award category.

  • Sport and Adventure
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Enterprise and industry
  • Professional and Public Service
  • Science and Technology
  • Caring, Humanities and Education
  • Writers, Media and Publishing

Our panel will carefully vet and select from the candidates presented.